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Dungeoneering is designed, however, so that you do get more XP the deeper into the dungeon you go. Jagex determined that they did not want players to play these same large XP levels over and over again. The prestige process is specifically designed to encourage players not to repeat flooring, by means of a reward for higher level players that snore earlier flooring, while imposing a severe experience reward penalty when you do the same dungeon floor repeatedly.

A More Descriptive Title for Prestige. I believe one reason people find prestige so perplexing is that the name, while colorful, does not describe very well what the number means. A more sensible, though more sterile, title for this feature would be”sequential unrepeated flooring”. Because that’s what prestige really is: it represents the number of different dungeon flooring you have completed without repeating some of these. Keep this simple truth in mind and it’ll help you greatly to comprehend the remainder of this page.

XP in Dungeoneering is rewarded upon conclusion of a dungeon floor, and is calculated by starting with a base XP value and then applying modifiers. The foundation XP is determined by various factors, including the amount of critters your team killed and how many rooms were explored. Nevertheless, the chief determinant of foundation XP is two numbers: the floor number along with your prestige amount.

Two foundation XP figures are calculated, one based on the ground and one based on stature; those are subsequently averaged to think of a final foundation XP value to which modifiers such as bonus rooms and problem are applied. Since the numbers are averaged, you get more XP for doing deeper levels, but only in the event that you do them while still keeping prestige as well.

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