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Gothik was a major DPS test that I am sure we could brute force nowadays, so he will not even register as a late boss. Loatheb is a”did you bring shadow pots every week” check with coordination requirements which shouldn’t be too hard today.

He will supply players with Naxxramas attunement and instantaneous teleportation to the Naxxramas raid. Johnny’s brother Jimmy, can be located inside the raid and also will offer access to consumables and reagents.Definitely didn’t open as quickly and guilds for certain did not clear it as fast either. I’d guess if they’re moving up the launch date, they’re hoping players aren’t too overgeared for this? Could make it marginally more challenging?

Too few updates for too few courses it seems. I suspect that’s in part why AQ was simpler than expected, people simply came in using WAY more purples compared to average.

You will find 6″sections” to Naxxramas; Abomination Wing, Plague Wing, Spider Wing, Death Knight Wing, Frostwyrm Lair, Kel’thuzad’s Chamber. Blizzard could do 1 week analyzing every section and launch a couple weeks after. Mid-december fall is a reasonable expectation.

No one forgets this since it is not a thing. Naxx can be found in the present time of patch throughout the zombie invasion.

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