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Bowfishing is an amazing activity that combines fishing and hunting. Standing in the water, waiting for the fish to come and catch it drives adrenaline through your veins. If you are new to bowfishing, you probably don’t know much about bowfish aiming. But there are some really important bowfishing tips on aiming you should keep in mind. Firstly, you have to know that what your eyes are telling you is not the truth. The fish is not exactly where you see it. The reason for that is simple physics. When light travels from one surface to another, it bends. The fish you see is actually the refracted image of the fish in the water, the so-called apparent fish. So if you aim at the fish you see, you will hit the apparent image of the fish and you will surely miss it. The arrow will fly over the fish or as bowfishers say, you will “go high”.

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