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Oxycodone is a semisynthetic derivative of codeine that acts as a narcotic analgesic more potent and addicting than codeine. An extended-release (ER) form of oxycodone (Xtampza ER) was approved for the management of daily, around-the-clock pain management in April, 2016.
Uses of Oxycodone OC 80mg: Oxycodone OC 80mg is used to relieve moderate to severe persistent pain when other forms of treatment have not been effective. It contains the active ingredient oxycodone hydrochloride. Oxycodone OC 80 mg hydrochloride belongs to a class of drugs known as opioid analgesics. Opioid analgesics such as oxycodone hydrochloride have been used to treat pain for many years. As with all strong painkillers, your body may become used to you taking Oxycodone OC 80mg tablets. Taking it may result in physical dependence. Physical dependence means that you may experience withdrawal symptoms if you stop taking oxycodone suddenly, so it is important to take it exactly as directed by your doctor.
Pharmacodynamics: Oxycodone, a semisynthetic opiate agonist derived from the opioid alkaloid, thebaine, is similar to other phenanthrene derivatives such as hydrocodone and morphine. Oxycodone is available in combination with aspirin or acetaminophen to control pain and restless leg and Tourette syndromes.

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