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Slavery was Nook Miles Ticket actually a pretty sweet deal. You receive job security in exchange for FREE room and board! Most pros don’t even whip you unless you are on a plantation or something and if you’re lucky you can even learn to read!It’s just the people which never experienced it which have convinced themselves it is going to be a good thing. Every generation learns the wrong lessons from their forebearers struggles.

I’m wondering how she’d feel when she got her way and was kicked out of a restaurant because of being black. . .Well they stated they are”anti-racism” and”anti-fascists” so they must be telling the truth! Everyone knows the best way to get rid of racism is segregation and the best way to get rid of fascism is only allowing one ideological viewpoint and hitting people who oppose in the head with bike locks and bricks /s

These folks are not anti-racist or even antifa and should you confuse every person left of you for being the exact same thing you are likely to continue being perplexed on that point.Well I had been joking two and one I would bet you a great deal of money the woman that said she was for segregation considers herself . I’d also point out that antifa is actually fascist and that was the joke I was making

I didn’t know that was the Particular definition of fascism… but I would say rioting and using violence Buy Nook Miles Ticket because people have differing views then you’re fairly fascist

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